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Federpesca, fishing and technological innovation together to combat marine litter

A challenge and opportunity that has been taken up through the development of the EMeRIM project

17, Nov 2023

Collaboration between fishermen and technological innovation becomes fundamental to combat the problem of marine waste. A challenge and opportunity that was seized thanks to the development of the EMeRIM project.

The aim of the project is precisely the protection and safeguard of the marine ecosystem and fish resources through innovative cleaning interventions, which see the use of underwater ROVs and drones useful for monitoring marine waste. The collection of waste is carried out by some of the fishing boats involved, thanks to an innovative and unique experimental fishing activity that recalls the "steering wheel" technique with boats used for the anti-pollution service.

The project was conceived and implemented by O.p. San Basso in collaboration with Federpesca and the start-up company Innovation Sea of Guidotti Ships as part of the Feamp Molise - Mis operational program. 1.40 "Protection and restoration of biodiversity of marine ecosystems and compensation schemes in the context of sustainable fishing activities".

The final event of the EMeRIM project was held at the port of Termoli on Thursday 16th, in the presence of Basso Cannarsa, president of the O.p. San Basso, Francesca Biondo, Director of Federpesca, Domenico Guidotti of Innovation Sea, the regional and municipal institutions, the commander of the Port Authority. Also present were many young high school students from Termoli who were involved in the project, representing added value.

“EMeRIM is among the most innovative projects ever seen from the point of view of method, technology and the involvement of different actors.” declared Francesca Biondo, Director of Federpesca. “The fishermen were not alone, but a synergy was created with all the operators who live in the port of Termoli. The involvement of the schools was an opportunity for students to learn about the reality of fishermen and the leading role they have played for years in sustainability and cleaning the seas. As well as an opportunity for fishermen to discuss innovative ideas for the future of the sector with younger people."

“The results of the EMeRIM project” declared Basso Cannarsa, President of the O.p. San Basso "have highlighted how fishermen can also represent an added value in anti-pollution and waste collection actions, effectively exploiting their role as sentinels of the sea who can promptly report and act in cleaning actions. The experimentation of 'wheel' fishing with boats authorized and equipped for anti-pollution operations was a success which demonstrated its effectiveness and efficiency as well as the profitable feasibility of future actions to be implemented in synergy with fast execution times".

The hope is to carry forward the innovative ideas developed within the project and replicate it in other Regions in the next European programming.


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