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Federpesca, satisfied with Italy's appeal against control regulation

The measure of compulsory on-board cameras, which holds fishing operators presumed guilty, is an assumption based on mistrust of the sector and the workers

12, Mar 2024

Today's fundamental news for the entire fishing sector is that the Italian government, at the proposal of Minister Lollobrigida, has filed an appeal against the new Regulation on controls in fishing with the EU Court of Justice. In recent years, Federpesca had repeatedly expressed its opposition to the ideological approach of this regulation, which has no precedent in other sectors.

In particular, the measure requiring cameras on board, which considers fishing operators to be presumed guilty, represents an assumption based on distrust of the sector and its workers, which we find unacceptable and which has no literature in any other sector. It is an ideological approach that undermines the defence of the dignity of a category of workers that has already had to face so many sacrifices in recent years and which we find unacceptable.

In this sense, we had asked for a commitment from Minister Lollobrigida, whom we thank together with the entire government for this courageous decision, once again in defence of a sector that is fundamental to the country's economy. - thus in a note the National Federation of Fishing Enterprises.


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