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Apulian food and fish supply chains at the Fiera del Levante 2022

Two pavilions set up by the Region's Agriculture Department.

18, Oct 2022

In Fiera del Levante in Bari until Oct. 23, 2022, two important spaces to tell the story of the changes, innovations, new connections and opportunities that Apulian agrifood and fishing systems in their complexity are able to activate not only at the regional level but especially at the national and European levels. These are the two pavilions, 19 and 20, set up by the Agriculture Department of the Apulia Region entitled the “Salone dell'Agricoltura” and “The Apulian fishing industry presents itself”.

«The challenges for Apulia's agriculture and fisheries are countless – recalls Regional Agriculture Councillor Donato Pentassuglia – and during this Fiera del Levante we will finally have the opportunity to confront ourselves in the presence of and directly with all the players in the various supply chains on the objectives achieved in these extremely difficult years and on the new challenges we have already begun to face together, in terms of planning and renewed competitiveness». On this front, in particular, is the conference, scheduled for Thursday, October 20, from 3 to 5 p.m. in Room 1 of Hall 152, entitled ”The Apulia Region and the CAP National Strategic Plan 2023-27”. An in-depth study and discussion among institutional representatives, sector associations, professional and trade union organizations and the world of cooperation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the near future.

During all the days of Fiera del Levante for “The Apulian Seafood Chain presents itself”, in pavilions 19 and 20, there will be eight companies, five technical workshops and meetings, along with 20 showcooking events. The productive power of the sea will be recounted through its excellence, with a look at new culinary trends and the value that the Apulian catch and the products of fish farming, mussel farming and shellfish farming have acquired in recent years, without forgetting nutritional and environmental insights with a nutritionist and a freediving expert, protagonists together with the chefs of the “PugliadaMare” showcooking.

Also scheduled in the pavilion “Puglia's Seafood Chain presents itself” is a special event during the evening showcooking events scheduled on the Sundays of Fiera del Levante and Thursday, Oct. 20. This is the Nights of the Long Knives, or the art of filleting compared between Japanese culture and Italian culture. On Monday, Oct. 17, on the other hand, showcooking will follow the theme of Nonsoloatavola, dedicated to creating new trends in the use of fish, from seafood sandwiches to the beloved finger foods.

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