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Fish Med Net, the network project of Legacoop Agroalimentare in Beirut at the Blue Growth Symposium

President of Legacoop Agroalimentare Cristian Maretti: 'Cooperatives play a fundamental role in the blue economy. They act as a catalyst and contribute to the development of the Mediterranean

19, Jan 2023

Fish Med Net (Fishery Mediterranean Network), the transnational project with which Legacoop Agroalimentare and four other partner countries (France, Palestine, Lebanon and Tunisia), have built a strong network of alliances between companies in the fish supply chain also extended to tourism, food, aquaculture and ecosystem services, was presented at the Blue Growth Symposium, an international event that took place in Beirut on 17 and 18 January.
The fundamental role of cooperatives in the economy of the sea. The president Cristian Maretti participated for Legacoop Agroalimentare. «Cooperatives play a fundamental role in the blue economy. They act as a catalyst, empower the people involved and contribute to the development of the Mediterranean,” Maretti said during the symposium. «The cooperative model is a business model that is widespread all over the world. Cross-sectoral and international alliances between territories such as those involved in the ENI CBC MED cross-border cooperation program can offer unique opportunities in line with the 2030 Agenda". Maretti has invited all participants to the final event to be held in Rome in the summer of 2023.
The occasion of the initiative was to talk about the Blue Economy through a discussion with institutional partners and representatives of other projects financed by the ENI CBC MED programme. Future synergies, capitalization of joint results and collaborative solutions between partners were the working keywords for the near future.

Fishing, aquaculture, tourism: the drivers of the blue economy. The works were opened by the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, with a welcome speech by the director Chadi Mohanna followed by Francesca Ottolenghi, president of Halièus, a non-profit association of the Legacoop system for international development cooperation, who underlined as «the success of a project derives from the ability to collaborate between partners, the strong point of the Fish Med Net project».
The event concluded on 18 January in Tire with the meeting of the Steering Committee. The guest of honor was the Tire Coast Nature Reserve which shared its experiences illustrating the many local tourism development projects and the impact on fishermen thanks also to the ability to diversify their income. Also important was the contribution of the director for technical support for the GAFRD in Egypt, Elarby, who shared the positive experience of the development of aquaculture in his territory and how it has favored the ability of fishermen to make an income.
The Blue Growth Symposium was a two-day event for sharing knowledge and information between the partners of the ENI CBC MED projects, now awaiting the new stage in the summer in Rome.

Legacoop Agribusiness Secretariat

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