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'Fondali Puliti Romagna': twelve underwater realities united to clean the seabed

Sunday 7 May along the coasts of Ravenna, Cesenatico, Rimini, Riccione, Misano and Cattolica

28, Apr 2023

At the moment, 12 organisations operating in the world of diving training and dissemination have joined the "Fondali Puliti Romagna. Together for the environment" and will meet on Sunday 7 May from 9 a.m. to dive and recover as much waste as possible from the seabed of the Romagna coastline.

Fondali Puliti (Clean Seabed) is an event whose main aim is to defend the sea and free it of submerged waste transported during the winter season.
An important event, therefore, that combines a passion for the sea and the protection of the marine ecosystem, launching an important message of education on respect for nature, and which also wants to testify how the value of concrete gestures such as this can serve to raise public awareness of environmental protection issues.

Fondali Puliti (Clean Seabed), which in its international version is called Clean up the Med, is the result of an initiative by Legambiente celebrating its 30th edition in 2023 and involving 22 different countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The initiative has been organised for over 15 years in the Municipality of Cesenatico and now wants to expand to the whole of Romagna.

Blue Team Grande Onda, Lion Fish Scuba Club, Blue Hole Forlimpopoli, Cesena Blu, Cesena In Blu, Cesena Sub, Cormorano Sub Forì, Easy Diver - Circolo Nautico Cattolica, Identici Diving School Ravenna, Polisportiva Comunale Riccione, Sub Atlantide Forlì, Sub Delphinus - Gruppo Sportivo Ravenna.

In addition to the diving schools, the project also involves municipal administrations, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Port Authorities of Ravenna and Rimini, Hera, the Cooperativa Stabilimenti Balneari, the Italian Red Cross and Legamenbiente.

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