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Blue crab: access to 10 mln euro fund from 16 February

Non-repayable grants available until 22 March

26, Jan 2024

The circular has been signed which, from 16 February, begins the submission of applications to access the allocation of 10 million euros which will allow consortia, fishing and aquaculture companies to obtain non-repayable contributions to deal with fluctuations in abundance of the blue crab and start planting, repopulating and protecting the plants. It will be possible to make requests until 22 March 2024. The provision is part of the actions implemented by Masaf to counter the excessive and unpredictable proliferation of this species.

"The applications presented to obtain contributions foreseen for capture and disposal have already been liquidated. In addition to this allocation of 2.9 million euros, expected last August, I would like to remind you that an ad hoc fund of 500 thousand euros per year has been established year, to reimburse part of the social security contributions paid by aquaculture companies. Without forgetting that we also intervened to extend the application of the National Solidarity Fund, provided for by Legislative Decree 102 of 2004", explains the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forest Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigida.

"Already in these hours the offices of my department are working to implement the provisions of the important legislative innovation and to grant the sector further compensatory interventions, thus allowing companies to access subsidized financing and obtain concrete aid. I hope that the actions implemented by the government can transform an emergency into an opportunity. Because the blue crab can be a great resource both for its nutritional properties, in particular the strong presence of vitamin B12, and for the potential markets, including international ones, that can be achieved. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the blue crab in the list of names of fish species of commercial interest, the valorisation of the product has begun, which will then have to be developed through a commercial strategy aimed at creating a real and own consumption chain", concludes Minister Lollobrigida.

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Rome, RM, Italy, 01/25/2024 10:21
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