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Blue crab. ER Region contribution of 1.5 euro/kg for harvesting

Bonaccini: 'Mortgage suspension impossible if government does not respond to our formal request'

19, Dec 2023

The Emilia-Romagna Region will recognize a contribution of 1.5 euros per kilo for the harvesting of blue crab, up to a first overall ceiling of one million euros. And it is ready to support an investment plan of the Consorzio Unitario Novellame, a cooperative company from Goro (FE).

The decision, shared by the president Stefano Bonaccini together with the councilors for Agriculture and Fisheries, Alessio Mammi, and Budget, Paolo Calvano, has the aim of guaranteeing further help to the sector starting from the new year, in particular to the fishermen and aquaculturists of the marine industries of Goro and Comacchio, in the Ferrara area, dealing with activities and farms at very high risk due to the blue crab, which is devastating the marine ecosystem of an area based on the production of the true clam. In fact, 55% of the catch in Italy is produced here.

“Despite the fact that a month has passed since our last appeal - and almost six months since the first formal request, which was followed by no response - the Government has not yet granted a state of national emergency or recognized the state of crisis of the sector for the territories of the Ferrara area - underline Bonaccini, Mammi and Calvano - and this continues to make it virtually impossible to suspend loans to businesses and for the companies themselves to benefit from tax relief. An absence of answers which does not even allow the implementation of further support tools. The situation is becoming increasingly difficult and a national strategy to combat the blue crab continues to be absent. We reiterate it once again: at a national level we need effective actions and concrete responses to families and operators who could find themselves without their work and their livelihood".

In the meantime, the Region has agreed with sector representatives to support an overall project to combat blue crab which they themselves will present in the coming weeks.

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Bologna, Italy, 12/18/2023 5:02 pm
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