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Blue crab: 1 million euro from Emilia Region to fishermen

Consortia and cooperatives can submit applications until 15 November

27, Oct 2023

Help for aquaculture farmers and clam marketing companies, hard hit by the invasion of the blue crab which has significantly reduced salable production and destroyed juveniles in the areas of Goro and Comacchio. The Region, with its own provision, as announced, has allocated one million euros in compensation to companies that sell clams and are concessionaires of state-owned areas for farming.

“A concrete response - explains the regional councilor for Agriculture and Fisheries Alessio Mammi - for a sector in great difficulty. We are in continuous contact with fishermen and the entire clam supply chain, and we have seen the severity of the damage caused by the invasion of this alien species."

“We make available - continues Mammi - the Region's own resources to initiate the first compensation payments to companies that have suffered heavy economic losses and compensate for the costs resulting from the disposal of the blue crabs caught. However, a national strategy is needed for this area which represents the most important clam production in Europe, considering that in the meantime, the spread of the crab has also reached other areas of the coast. In addition to support for damage - concludes Mammi - and the opening to new solutions on fishing and crab containment, we are developing monitoring actions in collaboration with universities, research centers and companies".

The Region's public notice, to be implemented in accordance with the European regulation on the matter, makes available one million euros divided as follows: 200 thousand euros to cover the costs of disposing of caught crabs incurred by companies and 800 thousand euros to compensate for commercial losses due to failed production and sales. As regards compensation for disposal, the costs of taking it to the landfill and the handling on land and at sea that have become necessary are allowed. For failed marketing and production, the compensation is calculated on sales in the period from 1 January to 30 September 2023, compared with the same period in 2022, and on the juveniles destroyed by the blue crab in the period from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023.

The application can be submitted by 15 November 2023 by companies holding state concessions in marine waters or in internal waters in front of or within the territory of Emilia-Romagna and must be sent exclusively by certified email to the address: territorialrurale@ All the details of the notice will be available on the website of the Emilia-Romagna Region

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Bologna, BO, Italy, 25/10/2023 14:54
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