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Blue crab: 2.9 mln from Masaf for emergency

Discussion on law enforcement strategy planned in the Cdm

07, Aug 2023

"We have allocated 2.9 million euros, which we will formalize in the Council of Ministers. On Tuesday morning we will meet in the ministry with all the associations, together with the managers and we will define in a timely manner exactly which interventions to program and the areas that we deem suitable for deal with the emergency". Thus the Minister of Agriculture, Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida, in Porto Tolle in Veneto at the headquarters of the Consorzio Cooperative Pescatori del Polesine, at the meeting with the associations, categories and representatives of the cooperatives interested in the measure to support the fight against crab blue which will be discussed during the Council of Ministers scheduled for today.

"We have a strategic vocation in tackling problems and thinking not only about what is happening today but about what shouldn't happen in the future and on this element in particular there are ideas that are brought forward by the associations, by our ministry technicians. We must define not only the areas but also the methods of intervention and the most suitable measures to be taken", explained the minister.

"We are in a very important area for fishing which at the moment has a critical situation due to the blue crab, an alien animal which has multiplied in a dangerous way this year. According to the Meloni Government, fishing, on which in recent years little is invested, it is strategic. With the pandemic and then with Russia's war of aggression towards Ukraine, we have better understood what we have been saying for some time, namely that long supply chains are not sufficient and are unstable. our production, our economy and among these elements certainly agriculture, livestock and fishing. We intend to invest as much as possible to relaunch these activities", concluded Lollobrigida.

Rome, RM, Italy, 07/08/2023 08:16
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