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Blue crab, heat awakens the predator

In Polesine, the 14 cooperatives in agreement with Fedagripesca block clam cultivation

20, Feb 2024

The heat awakens the blue crab which returns to being the feared predator of the lagoons, the one that blocks the production of clams because it eats them. So much so that the 14 cooperatives of the Polesine Fishermen's Cooperative Consortium have decided, against their will, to suspend their activity due to a total lack of product. The news was reported by Fedagripesca-Confcooperative, which monitored the critical issues along the Po Delta: an almost obligatory choice for the Venetian operators, especially those from Porto Tolle in the province of Rovigo, since the experts speak of an awakening of predation with the heat .

"A choice that weighs heavily on us but is inevitable - explains Luigino Marchesini, president of the Scardovari fishermen's consortium, one of the areas most devoted to the cultivation of clams in the Porto Tolle area -. We also ask for the suspension of mortgages and to resolve the social security issue ".

"Given that to date we have lost over 70% of the clams - adds Paolo Tiozzo, vice-president of Fedagripesca-Confcooperative - we must find a way to live with this new scenario to save the future of businesses and workers. And to do so we need to implement a two-step strategy: reduce the blue crab as much as possible through a massive collection and disposal action and at the same time launch a study that allows us to collect useful information to design management scenarios for this emergency".

In view of spring, fishermen confirm that in recent days the crabs are starting to move a lot. "Climate changes make it complicated to make hypotheses on the behavior of this species which still needs to be studied extensively, capable of creating colonies in the sea up to 3 miles from the coast and in inland waters up to 120 kilometers from the mouth of rivers - explains Mattia Lanzoni, researcher in ecology of the University of Ferrara -. In winter the predatory activity of the blue crab decreases and returns at full capacity with the heat".

He also criticizes the situation in Emilia Romagna, between Goro and Comacchio, where cooperatives working in areas where the water is lower try to protect the planting of juvenile fish with fences.

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Porto Tolle, RO, Italy, 02/19/2024 08:40
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