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Blue crab: another 10 million coming from Masaf

Following the State-Regions agreement, 12 million also for the pear and kiwi supply chains

10, Nov 2023

"After the green light from the State-Regions Conference, Masaf is ready to allocate ten million euros to support the fishing supply chain which is facing the fluctuations in abundance of the blue crab and 12 million for the pear and kiwi supply chains, which aim to counteract the economic consequences that the sectors are experiencing due to climatic and natural events, such as drought, hail and plant diseases. In total 22 million euros for the agri-food sector and for the fishing sector". This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida.

For the blue crab, the concessions will be used to recognize the expenses incurred by the sector's consortia for sowing, repopulation and the purchase of fixed and mobile structures installed for the protection of mussel farms. The contributions, valid for expenses incurred from 1 January to 31 December 2023, are equal to 80% for the costs relating to sowing and repopulation and 100% for the protection of livestock.

"After the 2.9 million allocated to give an immediate response to companies in the sector and the 500 thousand euros foreseen by the Asset Decree, thanks to an amendment by the president of the Senate Agriculture Commission Luca De Carlo, a further sign of attention from the Meloni Government to a sector that generates wealth, guarantees quality and deserves concrete responses", adds Minister Lollobrigida.

For the pear and kiwi supply chains, the aid identified by the decree is granted to agricultural companies engaged in these sectors that have suffered a decrease in the value of production, in 2023, of more than 30% compared to that of the same period of the previous year , net of any other public aid or insurance compensation from subsidized policies. The aid will amount to up to 1,100 euros per hectare for the pear supply chain and up to 1,000 euros per hectare in the case of kiwis, within the limits of available resources with a ceiling given by the value of the recorded production decrease. Applications must be submitted through Agea, which will provide instructions following the signing of the decree by the minister.

"Support for supply chains affected by the consequences of climate change is a concrete commitment to protect our excellent production and recognize the value of the work carried out by our farmers. This decree was born from the dialogue with representatives of the sector, who I met in occasion of the fruit and vegetable roundtable convened at Masaf. Starting from their requests, in two weeks we have developed and presented this important aid instrument at the State-Regions Conference, which I will sign shortly to start the disbursement requests as soon as possible", concludes Lollobrigida.

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Bologna, BO, Italy, 09/11/2023 14:12
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