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Blue crab: 87% of the supply chain expresses concern

Ugl Agroalimentare research on Italians and fish consumption presented in the Senate

14, Oct 2023

Italian consumers' awareness of the concept of sustainable fishing is growing with an increase of over two percentage points compared to 2022, reaching 58.1%. Eight out of ten Italians declare themselves willing to modify or reduce their consumption by including species fished using artisanal methods with a low environmental impact in their daily diet to help improve the management of the seas. The impact of the "blue crab" emergency is strong, so much so that 87% of the supply chain say they are worried. These are some of the data that emerged from the research "Italians and fish consumption. Resistances, obstacles and opportunities to facilitate the choice of fresh Italian fish products", promoted by the Ugl Agroalimentare and created by the Lab21.01 demoscopic institute, presented to the Senate of the Republic. The research was carried out taking two targets as a point of reference: the supply chain (catering, Ho.Re.Ca., large-scale retail trade, fishermen/breeders/producers of fish products, operators/professionals and opinion leaders in the sector) with 1,723 total contacts and 519 valid and complete interviews and Italian adult consumers with 3,642 total contacts and 1,032 valid and complete interviews.

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Roma, RM, Italia, 13/10/2023 14:57
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