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Blue crab, Veneto Region deploys new measures

Corazzari: 'More funds allocated to incentivise capture and disposal'

24, Mar 2024

"Despite the series of interventions and actions put in place by the Region, and although the system of fishing and aquaculture companies has been active since the very beginning, the invasion of the Blue Crab is not stopping and is taking on dramatic proportions due to the very serious impact on our seabed and on an entire economy based on shellfish farms. In the light of this, the Veneto Region, after obtaining the declaration of natural disaster from the Ministry of Agriculture, following the presentation of the dossier adopted with DGR no. 165/2024, approved an extraordinary intervention in favour of the Polesine Cooperative Fishermen's Consortium and of the companies that manage fish markets in the Veneto Po Delta, in order to increase the catches of the Blue Crab and their elimination".

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