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Blue crab, President Zaia: 'Total and unconditional support for fishermen'

"Their protest is now desperation"

23, Jan 2024

“I assure you that we will continue to provide total and unconditional support to the fishermen who are still protesting today over the situation created by the Blue Crab. Their protest is also a sign of great desperation due to the lack of responses in the face of a real cataclysm that is affecting a large part of our fishing and aquaculture production. We are, in fact, the leading producers of clams at a national level with 52,000 quintals per year, a production that is literally risking disappearing as is that of the 20,000 quintals of DOP mussels".

With these words, the President of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, expresses his closeness to the world of fishing which even today is the protagonist of a heartfelt protest for the proliferation of the blue crab in our seas.

“It is essential – adds the Governor – that we arrive at the declaration of a state of calamity for the sector by providing a national measure that involves all fishermen affected by such a tragedy and that there are resources to give operators in the sector the opportunity to be remunerated on the blue crab that is caught; this could be one of the methods to be implemented. In the meantime, as a region we are moving forward with accessory funds, also taking advantage of community funds and without neglecting all the experimentation that we continue to ensure in collaboration with the university and Veneto Agricoltura in the fight against the blue crab".

President of the Veneto region

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