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Blue crab: first batch of clam seed for fishermen Consorzio Scardovari

Veneto Region rushes to the aid of the sector with over 14 mln specimens of 3 or 4 mm

10, Jul 2024

In all, more than 14 million specimens measuring 3 or 4 millimetres in length will be delivered to the fishermen of the Scardovari Consortium. This is the clam seed that will be sown in the lagoons where production has been reduced to zero due to the invasion of the blue crab. These days, through the Veneto Region's operational arm, Veneto Agricoltura, the first of two batches that are part of the emergency measures approved last autumn by the Region has been delivered to fishermen.

lml - 42303
Venezia, VE, Italia, 09/07/2024 09:54
EFA News - European Food Agency

photo © Massimiliano Rella

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