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Blue crab: Emilia Region authorises its capture and sale

Fishing will be allowed for fishing enterprises holding a maritime state concession

28, Jul 2023

Capture, collection, land transport and marketing of the "blue crab", an allochthonous species that feeds mainly on clams and juveniles. Now there is regional authorization. All of this can be done by fishing companies that hold state-owned maritime concessions in the Sacca di Goro and in the territory of Comacchio (Fe): the Emilia-Romagna Region has in fact issued the authorisation.

"It is a question - explains the regional councilor for Agriculture and Fishing Alessio Mammi - of completing the authorization for the collection of the blue crab even in state-owned areas that are not of municipal relevance, and therefore not subject to the ordinances already issued by the mayors of Goro and Comacchio. The authorization was granted after obtaining the clearance issued by the Po Delta Park and the Carabinieri Group for Biodiversity".

Approximately 16,000 tons of clams are produced each year in the Sacca di Goro and in the adductor canals of the Valli di Comacchio, which correspond to 55% of Italian production and 40% of European production, by 1,700 workers who refer to the Goro and Comacchio.

“Therefore, the value of this economy for our territory, which is now strongly threatened by the proliferation of this species, is evident - continues Mammi. Now fish farmers can catch the crab, harvest it and market it."

After the Blue Table (June 20) with all the associations representing fishermen's cooperatives, the ordinances of the mayors of Goro and Comacchio, and the authorization of the Ministry for sampling also for category V boats destined for aquaculture at the request of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the fisheries councilors of the three coastal regions of the North Adriatic (Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) have approved a joint document, signed and addressed to the Government with the request to adopt measures to contain the damage to the marine environment and economy caused by this species.

Among the requests made by the Northern Adriatic Fishing District, there is that of urgently convening a technical table for the definition and immediate adoption of effective measures, up to the eventual declaration of a state of calamity after verification of the conditions by Cnr and Ispra.

It was requested to define, approve and implement a national plan for the control and numerical reduction of the alien blue crab species "on the national territory, as well as launch specific projects to study the biology of the species to identify the best strategies with which the" biological control” could be more effective.

Furthermore, it was requested to introduce, on a proposal from the Emilia-Romagna Region, a self-defense mechanism for aquaculture farmers similar to that created for the self-defense of the farmer against wild boars and other wildlife, subject to control plans . The document approved by the three Regions also requires the implementation of a national strategy, which provides for the monitoring of the damage caused by the blue crab to clams and juveniles, to then see the state of disaster recognized by the ministry with adequate refreshments, for income support of fishing and aquaculture enterprises.

Bologna, BO, Italy, 27/07/2023 14:52
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