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Blue crab: Lazio Region plans trawl nets

Councillor Righini's proposal now goes through the Ministry of Agriculture

01, Sep 2023

By now, the spread of the blue crab is not just a problem for the Adriatic. Even the Tyrrhenian Sea - primarily Liguria and Tuscany - has to deal with the extremely voracious crustacean that has arrived from America. The emergency also ended up on the table of the Lazio Region, during a summit at the Department of Budget, Agriculture and Fisheries, whose owner Giancarlo Righini said he was willing to ask the Ministry of Agriculture "the authorization of trawling, on an extraordinary basis and for a few days, under three miles. In this way - commissioner Righini claims it will be possible to make a 'census' of the true extent of the problem. The cry of alarm that reaches us every day by the fishermen cannot leave us indifferent".

On the same wavelength as Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida (see EFA News) and various local administrators (see EFA News), Righini hopes that "the blue crab will soon become a 'resource' in commercial terms", underlining the "excellent quality" and the "important nutritional capacity". To this end, continues the Lazio Councilor for Agriculture, "we will introduce all the necessary tools to accelerate the possibility of making this product available to consumers, which could also bring benefits from a pharmaceutical point of view and the protection of the ecosystem".

On the Lazio coast, there is concern about the diffusion of the blue crab, the natural enemy of almost all bivalve molluscs: mussels, clams, razor clams and, in particular, tellines, which have always been a precious fish resource in this coastal area.

Rome, RM, Italy, 08/31/2023 1:02 PM
EFA News - European Food Agency

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