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Blue Crab, head of the Northern Adriatic Fishing District

Corazzari, "OK to a common document based on concreteness"

20, Jul 2023

The summit of the Management Committee, the Technical Group and the Advisory Committee of the North Adriatic Fishing District was held today in videoconference mode, convened by the Councilor for Fishing of the Veneto Region, Cristiano Corazzari. The Councilors of Emilia Romagna Alessio Mammi (Agriculture and Agri-food) and of Friuli Venezia Giulia Stefano Zannier (Agri-food, Forestry and Fish resources) also took part.

On the discussion table, the heartfelt problem of the invasion of the "blue crab", whose dramatic effects on the production activities related to the breeding of bivalve molluscs were amply illustrated by the representatives of the professional category organizations and trade unions present at the meeting.
"During the meeting - reports Corazzari - an official document of the Northern Adriatic Fishing District was approved, which constitutes a concrete work basis for addressing the entire issue concretely and with the necessary promptness".
The document describes the characteristics of the phenomenon and of this predator of clams, mussels and oysters and underlines how the coastal strip of the northern Adriatic and the system of lagoon areas between Monfalcone in the north and Ravenna in the south constitute the most important bivalve mollusc production pole in Italy, supported by the work of about four thousand fishing and aquaculture companies. In particular, says the document, in the municipalities of the Po Delta in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto (Comacchio, Goro, Rosolina, Porto Tolle and Porto Viro) the farming of clams, mussels and oysters is a strategic asset for the local economy, given that a large part of the resident population is engaged in fishing activities.

The Document concludes with a series of requests to be addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry: urgent convening of a technical table to define and immediately adopt effective, concerted and shared measures and provisions; arrange, through the scientific bodies operating in the CNR or in the ISPRA, the verification of the conditions for the purpose of the declaration of state of disaster; immediate activation of a measure, with adequate resources, for the protection of biodiversity with the collection of the maximum possible quantity of blue crabs, with the participation of fishermen and the supervision of a scientific institute; start development projects of the biology of the species to identify the best biological control strategies; define, approve and implement a National Plan for the control and reduction of the number of this alien species; introduce by law a self-defense mechanism for aquaculture farmers similar to that implemented for the self-defense of farmers against wild boars and other wildlife subject to control plans; activate policies and initiatives to raise awareness and promote the food consumption of this product and encourage consumption through the creation of a product transformation chain.

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