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Blue crab. Zaia: 'Clam production will drop by 80-90%'

Without a state of emergency, Veneto fishermen risk being left without compensation

24, Aug 2023

Along the beaches of the Veneto, the blue crab emergency is at an all-time high: we need to intervene as soon as possible, so that the ongoing disaster does not deal a lethal blow to fishing in the Region. Meeting the fishermen in Porto di Pila (Rovigo), the Veneto governor Luca Zaia recalled that the Region has already declared a state of disaster on 24 July, while on 8 August it was the first region to request a state of emergency.

"The emergency is clear - commented Zaia - and I hope it will be declared as soon as possible to be able to lend a hand to the fishermen who represent 39% of the national production of clams with 52,000 quintals a year, and who this year will have a figure negative: 80-90% of production will be less because the blue crab eats them all". The disposal of allochthonous crustacean specimens, underlined the governor, "is a big problem because beyond the small quantity for human consumption, the rest must be disposed of. From the beginning of the year to today, 450 tons of blue crab".

Zaia then recalled that the species "becomes cannibal when it cannot find food, but on the other hand it eats adult clams, eats the seeded micro-clams, mussels, oysters, then breaks the pot nets, enters and eats any sea bream and sea bass caught This is truly a cataclysm, it must be understood at a national level because this destroys a productive sector and destroys our territory's identity".

As for the possibility of subsidies and social safety nets for fishermen, Zaia said: "If we manage to obtain the declaration of a state of emergency, we will be able to have a series of measures for social safety nets, aid and payment waivers until the situation stabilizes again Of course - he concluded - we are very worried".

Porto Viro, RO, Italy, 23/08/2023 13:55
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