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Cry of alarm from the President of the Polesine Cooperative Fishermen's Consortium

"Già ora 1.500 famiglie sono a reddito ZERO e sarà così per tutto il 2024 essendo stato devastato tutto il seme che era presente nelle lagune"

25, Sep 2023

The Po Delta is the first production area for clams in Europe with over 20,000 tonnes marketed per year. In our lagoons the products are of the highest quality and excellence such as the famous “Cozza di Scardovari D.O.P.” (the only DOP for molluscs in Italy) or the delicious “Pink Oyster of the Po Delta”.
We wanted to forcefully reiterate that the blue crab is only an environmental, ecological and above all economic, social and employment catastrophe. Coexistence between blue crab and shellfish farming is impossible.
Already 1,500 families have ZERO income and it will be like this for the whole of 2024 as all the seed that was present in the lagoons has been devastated.
We believe that the initiatives to be implemented by the State and the Veneto Region are:
- support for blue crab fishing and harvesting activities as it is the only way to contain the expansion of the predator and try to reduce the ongoing disaster;
- income support for 1,500 families to overcome this dramatic period;
- economic aid for the massive purchase of new sowing for the repopulation of the lagoons using structures aimed at protecting juvenile fish;
- support from research bodies to truly study the phenomenon and to improve the efficiency of crab capture and conduct targeted studies to allow farmers to continue their activity;
- we believe that only by ACTIVATING THE STATE OF EMERGENCY will it be possible to deal with this dramatic situation which has brought the entire delta mollusc sector to its knees and which has created the loss of thousands of jobs in both the Polesine and Emilian areas.
We believe that the blue crab will NEVER be an opportunity for our sector but only a calamity and a disaster for the territory.
The contrast to the problem which involves the promotion of the marketing and consumption of the blue crab is ONLY a palliative and will absolutely not solve the emergency and can only make a very marginal contribution.
The fishermen of the Po Delta are therefore asking for concrete and immediate help otherwise it will be the end forever of the largest shellfish reality in Italy.


Marchesini Luigino

(photo © Massimiliano Rella)

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