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The fishermen of Rimini write to Minister Calderone

A story concerning Rimini and its navy

21, Feb 2023

A story concerning Rimini and its navy, once again neglected by the bureaucracy during the pandemic, despite the many actions in favor of citizenship carried out in those days. The Rimini fishermen are "guilty" of having delayed 3 days in submitting an application, also due to the fact that submission was only possible digitally, and therefore they were excluded from contributions for the 2020 fishing stop. This is what emerges from the an open letter that the president of the national Legacoop Agroalimentare, Cristian Maretti, wrote to the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Elvira Calderone, publicly asking her to intervene to resolve the issue, dating back to the previous government.
The facts. At the outbreak of the pandemic, the fishing sector is also brought to its knees and awaits a series of government refreshments. In particular the so-called "fishing stop". In the chaos of those days, the decree did not arrive first, then the implementing provisions were missing for months. When they are set off we are already on February 3, 2021, a year later. At that point the unfortunate mistake: the ministry gives very little time to process and produce hundreds of applications, the marinas and their service centers are under tension. Despite a short extension, the error is around the corner. In this case a delay of three days, caused by an electronic transmission. But due to this short delay, the fishermen of Rimini have lost the long-awaited funds from the fishing stop.
"On January 30, 2023, a note from the Ministry explained, with the most polite of bureaucratic tones, that the three-day delay prevails over everything and any other consideration," the letter continues. Formally, the dispute is impeccable.
«An open letter - concludes Maretti - is in itself the admission of a defeat, in this case not only as President of a representative organization (one of the many "intermediate bodies referred to during the conferences"), but also of a citizen before the institutions of the Republic. However, considering the exceptional circumstances we have all had to deal with, and the consistent use of refreshment funds from all types of categories, we would have expected from the Government greater understanding for the fishermen, who cannot be blamed for being little digital mailing experts. We know that Minister Calderone has just taken office, we appeal to her one last time to understand if it is possible to reopen the matter, in order to give the Cooperative a fundamental contribution to its very existence".

Lega Coop Agroalimentare

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