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Italian fishing boats protest against the EU

Demonstrations today against the EU trawling decree

23, Jun 2023

The protest of the Italian marines continues and they are still mobilizing, a month after the first demonstration to reiterate their no to the EU Action Plan which imposes a series of disruptive measures for the organization of the sector. The appointment is set for today with a series of initiatives promoted by the world of representation of Agci Agrital cooperatives, companies and workers. Confcooperative FedAgriPesca, Legacoop Agroalimentare, Coldiretti Impresapesca, Federpesca, Fai-Cisl, Flai-Cgil and Uila Pesca.

The plan promoted by the EU Commissioner for Fisheries and the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevicius, which provides for a strong limitation of bottom trawling throughout Europe by 2030. The plan also proposes the creation of additional marine areas protected, without considering the social and economic impact on businesses, workers, territories and based on scientific data that are not updated and accurate.

A plan which, denounce industry associations and trade unions, "will lead to total dependence on foreign countries for the supply of fish products". The aim of the protests is to safeguard a sector that guarantees food safety and a fair, healthy and sustainable supply of fresh fish products with high quality standards, which comply with European traceability and certification rules. With the mobilization, the fishing organizations also aim to ensure a future for thousands of workers, cooperatives, businesses, families and territories.

"The dismantling of trawling would also cause an increase in imports from countries where fishing does not comply with our legislation on the environment, safety and work. In Italy, trawling represents 20% of the total fishing fleet" conclude the acronyms in revolt representing 2,088 units equal to about 7,000 workers, 30% of landings and 50% of revenues.

In Europe, the sector represents 25% of total landings of fish products and 38% of revenues, with over 7,000 vessels.

Rome, RM, Italy, 22/06/2023 16:48
EFA News - European Food Agency

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