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The blue crab can be caught

Masaf's authorisation to catch the predatory crustacean in the Po Delta

20, Jul 2023

The 'blue crab' can be fished. Thus from possible causes of instability of the marine ecosystem of Goro and Comacchio, to potential opportunities for fishermen and fish farmers of the Adriatic. We had anticipated it a few days ago (see EFA News) but now the authorization has arrived from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty for blue crab fishing within aquaculture and shellfish farming plants through the use of "pots/baskets and gillnets" on boats used for aquaculture (registered in the V category).

In summary, those who have fishing authorizations with boats registered in the IV and V categories can proceed with fishing with gear: for those only in the V category, they can use the gear after notifying the Maritime Office. The Emilia Romagna Region has coordinated with the Municipalities of Goro and Comacchio for the drafting of the necessary ordinances that allow the self-defense collection of the 'blue crab' in the concessions that insist on both territories.

“This authorization represents an important provision that allows the collection of blue crabs in the Sacca di Goro and in the aquaculture farms of Comacchio, - underlines the regional councilor for agriculture and fisheries, Alessio Mammi -. It was really necessary to intervene promptly in order to start containing the damage to the crustacean. Now we need other interventions to try to understand how to stem the phenomenon in a structural way: we await a meeting with the ministry to arrive at the convening of a technical table with the associations that represent fishing".

"This -adds Mammi- to define the clear reference framework in which to identify these defense and withdrawal actions, according to a model similar to that of the self-defense allowed to farmers on their farm properties: a system that provides for self-defense against harmful species and allows for their self-consumption and commercial exploitation".

The 'blue crab'The blue king crab (Callinectes sapidus) is a decapod crustacean of the Portunidae family: it is an allochthonous species without any natural antagonist, a formidable predator so much so that it represents a serious threat because it feeds on any prey that populates the Adriatic: from clams to juveniles to other fish and crustaceans. The fish farmers of the Po Delta are well aware of this. Probably arriving in the 1980s in the Adriatic lagoons that run between the Serenissima and the Po delta through the ballast waters of ships coming from the Atlantic, in recent times the species is very populous and aggressive.

Rome, RM, Italy, 19/07/2023 06:51
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