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Il progetto di certificazione è stato presentato a Rimini alla presenza dei rappresentanti della filiera dell’ittico e agli chef di CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi

The certification project was presented in Rimini in the presence of representatives of the seafood chain and chefs from CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi

19, Oct 2023

The collective adhesion of the companies associated with the Emilia-Romagna Mussel Farmers Consortium to the National Zootechnic Quality System "Sustainable Aquaculture" regulations was announced in recent days in Rimini. A tool to highlight the importance of the sustainability of Emilia-Romagna mussel farming, creating added value to the production of the companies that adopt it.
The Consortium has set itself several objectives with the project to adhere to the "SUSTAINABLE AQUACULTURE" regulations, recognized by MASAF within the National Quality System. First of all, the search for a single national standard for sustainable aquaculture, but also the desire to increase the positioning of its fish products. Certification then represents an important step in supporting the aggregation of the supply chain, a response to the growing demand for national and international sustainability for a traceable and recognizable product.

“In the fish market there are many confusing elements in the eyes of the consumer, the difficulty of recognizing imported or out-of-season products is one of them. We have always believed that the first step is to identify and qualify the offer while the second is the establishment of a Producers' Organization, due to its potential in terms of marketing, communication and access to financing. Adherence to a clear and safe certification is instead the culmination of a shared path which sees the Consortium in the role of leader", declared Giuseppe Prioli, president of the Emilia-Romagna Mussel Farmers Consortium.
The assumption on which the Consortium's business idea is based is one: the "Sustainable Aquaculture" certification should represent the condition for marketing aquaculture products, a premise from which to start a relationship of trust with the market based on the guarantee of product quality and safety. “To date, certification stops at production. To protect the consumer and the entire sector, however, there is a need to extend the certification to also include transport and sale", concluded Prioli.

“Everything that concerns the issues of sustainability and traceability is a priority value at this moment”, confirmed Coop Italia's fisheries manager Marco Fiori, who however warns: “We must be careful so that the costs linked to the adoption of the standard do not excessively impact the price of the final product. In this sense, the idea of group certification is also interesting from an economy of scale perspective and, I join Prioli in saying that, once again, aggregation between producers is crucial in maintaining the balance between the different supply chain actors and consumers".
The Sustainable Aquaculture label, therefore, should be the starting point for proposing your product, a further guarantee of quality capable of differentiating local fish, since its absence will be perceived on the counter out of season, when the offer will consist only of imported products.
The event concluded with the tasting of three dishes by Omar Casali of CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi, the association that promotes regional food and wine and its success at a national and international level. A menu born from the idea of translating the themes of sustainability and seasonality into combinations and flavors. A way to affirm through the dishes that "the implementation of different skills has a single final intent, which underlies the need to come together to grow and improve the entire supply chain", as stated by chef Casali.
The day was organized by the Emilia-Romagna Mussel Growers Consortium in collaboration with CheftoChef emiliaromagnacuochi, and carried out with MASAF funds from the three-year national fisheries and aquaculture program 2022-2024, 2023 year.

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