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Isnart: fish consumed regularly by one in three Italians

Sea bream and salmon top the list of seafood products, increasingly popular in our country

28, Apr 2023

Which Mediterranean fish products are most present on Italian tables? Gilthead seabream (36.5%) and salmon (30.8%) take the podium among the fish products most sought after and purchased by Italians. A choice linked to ease of preparation (one of the key elements that come into play when choosing products to take home) and to the conviction that they are more 'healthy' and/or good than what are considered 'poor fish', such as oily fish. This has been revealed by a survey on the evolution of consumption carried out by Isnart (National Institute for Tourism Research) also thanks to the involvement of restaurants belonging to the Ospitalità Italiana (Italian Hospitality) brand, the quality recognition of Italian and foreign tourist facilities promoted by Unioncamere and Isnart, with the aim of highlighting the latest trends in the demand for seafood in Italy. The research is part of the FoodHub project, implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry and Unioncamere with the technical-scientific collaboration of Isnart, Bmti and Italmercati.

In third place on Italian tables is hake (purchased by 27.2%), which takes the place of its 'cousin' northern cod (fourth best-selling product in 2021, but in ninth position in 2022). Continuing the ranking of the most consumed Mediterranean species, we find octopus in sixth place (chosen by 20.1% of Italians in 2022, compared to 7.4% in the previous year when it occupied 11th position), followed by mussels, which are bought by 19.2% of Italians (5.9% in 2021, 14th position). Among the growing products most loved by Italians, particularly by consumers over 56, is another product of our culinary tradition: anchovies, which rise from 7.5% in 2021 to 10.9% in 2022.

Seafood products are confirmed as foods to put on the table for the whole family, with the conviction that it is essential to vary the diet with a nutritional element that is good for the health. Fish products, in fact, are not lacking on Italian tables (only 2.5% of the population does not eat them, mainly as a matter of taste), but 42.2% consume fish just once a week, while 12.2% eat it on average every 2 weeks. Only 1 Italian in 3 consumes it regularly, two or three times a week: a habit that in 2021 involved 1 Italian in 5 and that today, among those with a high income, is common to 1 Italian in 2.


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