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The new Shopping Bag

For a conscious and sustainable purchase of agri-food products

09, Feb 2024

The Shopping Bag is expanding, the service aimed entirely at consumers, created by BMTI and Italmercati, in collaboration with Consumerismo No Profit. From today, in fact, the service will no longer only include the fruit and vegetable sector but will also provide useful information regarding the fish sector, meat and other sectors of the agri-food sector (olive oil, cheese, cereals). The objective remains to provide consumers with valuable information on how to shop easily and consciously, clarifying market dynamics, starting from wholesale prices and choosing convenient products in terms of product quality-price ratio and sustainability. , considering the attention also paid to the environment since these are seasonal and local products.

As far as the fishing industry is concerned, good weather favors good fishing.

Among the fish recommended this week, we find the gurnard very present in the markets, especially of medium-large size and with prices falling to around 23.00 euros/kg compared to the 28.00 euros/kg recorded at the end of 2023. Excellent quality-price ratio also for bonito, from the tuna family, with decreasing prices ranging from 5.00 to 6.00 euros/kg, compared to 10.00 euros/kg in recent weeks. In this period, in the markets, we mainly find products coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea and in large quantities. Furthermore, among the different varieties of tuna, it is certainly one of the tastiest and with clear, high-quality meat.

Excellent prices for clams or lupins which, unlike the real ones which cost a lot, have convenient prices ranging from 3.00 euros/kg for the smaller size up to 6.00 euros/kg for the larger size.

The Shopping Bag is also available on Whatsapp on the dedicated channel “La Borsa della Spesa” and on the website on the page

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