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The Veneto Region alongside fishermen

Additional allocation for bivalve restocking and blue crab monitoring project

24, Nov 2022

The Veneto Regional Council with two resolutions, on the proposal of the Councilor for Fishing Cristiano Corazzari, approved as many projects in favor of the sector. The first act approved the draft agreement with the Ca' Foscari University of Venice entitled "Monitoring of the distribution and abundance of the allochthonous species Callinectes sapidus (so-called blue crab) in the Chioggia lagoon: impacts on traditional fishing and management indications ". While with a second resolution, new funding was allocated for the restocking project of bivalve molluscs between Chioggia and Venice made necessary following the serious impoverishments caused by the Vaia storm of 2018 and by the "Acqua granda" of November 2019.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ca' Foscari, the Veneto Region has started monitoring the blue crab in the waters of Chioggia with the aim of providing useful indications for the management of professional fishing in the lagoon and reducing the negative impacts of the species. The aim of the project, financed 50 percent by the Region for a value of 20 thousand euros, is to verify the distribution, population structure and abundance of the blue crab as well as any potential for the economic exploitation of this resource. as already happens in the south of the Po Delta. The blue crab, an alien species reported for the first time in the Venice lagoon in 1950, in recent years has become increasingly widespread in the Venetian lagoon waters, bringing with it a heavy impact on bivalves both in herds and farms, of which it is one of the main predators. Monitoring will be conducted between March and October 2023 in collaboration with fishing cooperatives. The project will also be an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of selective fishing gear such as crab pots for this species with the aim of having an initial assessment of the effectiveness of fishing for the containment of populations of the invasive species.

With a second resolution, the Veneto Region has allocated the additional sum of 275 thousand euros, which is added to the 600 thousand euros already financed, for the project for the repopulation of bivalve molluscs between Chioggia and Venice, already envisaged in the memorandum of understanding between the Veneto Region, the Veneto Agency for Innovation of the Primary Sector "Veneto Agricoltura" and the Consortia for the Management and Protection of Bivalve Mollusc Fishing in the Maritime Compartments of Chioggia and Venice.

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