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Veneto Region approves emergency blue crab plan

Corazzari: 'Catching, protection systems, sowing and analysis of future scenarios. We are at the producers' side'

20, Oct 2023

Four lines of action for emergency management of the blue crab. We start with an activity to reduce the number of specimens, with the purchase and positioning of double-chamber pots. Then mesh fences to protect the clam sowing. The purchase of artificial clam sowing to relaunch 2024 production in the areas most affected by the emergency, where in some cases the nurseries have been eliminated. Finally, a preliminary analysis on future scenarios and future management lines. It is the emergency management plan for the blue crab in the Po Delta Veneto proposed by Veneto Agricoltura, the operational arm of the Region in the primary sector sector, and approved by resolution of the Regional Council, on the proposal of the Fisheries Councilor Cristiano Corazzari. It will be carried out by Veneto Agricoltura at a cost of 180 thousand euros. The plan goes hand in hand with the monitoring activity in which Veneto Agricoltura itself has been engaged in recent weeks.
The timetable includes the purchase of new pots for the current month which will be positioned and inspected with the support of the fishermen. The useful product will be marketed, the waste will be disposed of with costs borne by the project. Clam protection systems will be purchased and positioned between October and December, while a sowing purchase intervention is planned between February and April. The winter months, based on the data collected, will be the time for a technical-economic reflection on future scenarios.

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