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Aqua De Mâ's sea bream and sea bass raised in the Gulf of Orosei

Off-shore aquaculture facility Aqua De Mâ, which has been farming offshore in Liguria since 2000, brings its sea bream and sea bass to the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Orosei in Sardinia.

22, Nov 2022

The company offers a product of high quality and food safety, ensuring maximum traceability and sustainability in the breeding process. The plant's new production is already available in Sardinia and is integrated into the commercial network developed by Aqua De Mâ over its 20 years of activity. In Lombardy, the products are available in Iper and UNES stores.

Aqua De Mâ is the first Italian company to carry out its entire production cycle in the open sea, more than a mile from the coast, in order to be able to offer fish grown in a natural environment and with a development and feeding cycle entirely similar to that of wild fish.

The new plant in Orosei has 8 offshore tanks in which the reared fish enjoy optimal living space while respecting their life cycle. Unforced growth respects the fish's natural metabolism, following the natural course of the seasons, without external forcing. Sea bream and sea bass take more than 18 months to reach a weight of 400 grams.

The production choices have always been set to ensure the highest possible quality on the market: from the choice of the type of off-shore farming, to the site where the fish are raised to the constant monitoring of the quality of the surrounding waters; characteristics that allow us to certify a product that stands out for its organoleptic and nutritional quality, food safety and sanitary hygiene. For these reasons, the company has chosen to replicate its 20-year experience in the new plant in the Gulf of Orosei, confirming its presence in two of the most pristine natural sites in the country.

Ing. Roberto Có, CEO of Aqua De Mâ, comments, "For more than 20 years, Aqua de Mâ has been an example of cutting-edge and sustainable farming, as well as a great resource for the productivity and economy of Lavagna and Liguria. Being welcomed to a natural site such as the Gulf of Orosei allows us to replicate the production cycle consolidated over 20 years of experience in Liguria and offer consumers a product that respects all the parameters of food safety and protection of the marine environment."

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