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Record Monday for the Fiumicino fish auction

Unloaded on the belt 1,600 crates equal to 5 tonnes of catch in a single afternoon

06, Oct 2022

The Fiumicino fish auction set the absolute record: on Monday 3 October, in fact, 1,600 crates were unloaded on the conveyor belt, equal to 5 tons of fish in a single afternoon. What makes this catch remarkable is the fact that it arrived after a week stained by the raging of bad weather, which had made it difficult, and in many cases canceled, the regular capture and fishing operations in the stretch of sea in question.

A respectable return, therefore, for the fishing fleet of Fiumicino, the first navy in Lazio for quantity of fish and the second for number of boats after Anzio.

This is, the experts reiterate, a great result for the structure in via Carloforte, confirming the fish auction in Fiumicino, a reference point for fresh Italian fish. Last Monday's fishing set the record since the electronic auction went into service: all this despite two large fishing boats not going out to sea.

An even more important record only considering that the entire fishing sector at national level is not sailing in calm waters: just think that the end of the fishing block for Adriatic boats, which took place just a week ago, was welcomed as a breath of fresh air in a moment that unfortunately is characterized above all by the difficulties linked to expensive fuel.

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Fiumicino, RM, Italy, 05/10/2022 10:32
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