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Marche: soon call for +6 million for the fishing sector

Contributions to incentivize and enhance the sector

05, Jan 2024

With the implementation of the definitive financial plan, as anticipated in the Fish Economy Consultation, the new FEAMPA (European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) 2021-2027 programming begins. The first action involves the publication of the notice for the selection of the Local Action Groups for Fisheries (GAL-Pesca) which will continue the already excellent experience conducted by the FLAGs (Fisheries Local Action Group) in the last programming.

The measure is aimed at granting contributions to aggregate entities made up of public and private partnerships. The call provides for a total financial allocation of 6,140,000 euros of which 140,000.00 will be used for preparatory support actions for the establishment of proposing entities and the preparation of strategies.

"The strategies will have the task of encouraging and enhancing businesses in the fishing and aquaculture sectors and related activities, through interventions that create dialogue with the tourist, cultural and food and wine heritage of our region", we read in a note today.

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Ancona, Italy, 04/01/2024 11:32
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