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Fish market consumption on the rise. Attention to conservation in summer

Fish consumption in Italy grows especially in the summer. In the face of this increase, it is important to emphasize how quality and freshness must be guaranteed until the fish product is actually consumed

08, Aug 2023

Fish consumption in Italy is growing, especially in summer. Orobica Pesca, among the main Italian realities for the marketing of seafood products, arrives, during the summer days, to mobilize daily 4,800 kg of fresh products to which 3,600 kg of frozen products are added, guaranteeing quality and freshness of the product at every stage of the supply chain. Quality and freshness that, especially in the summer months, must be guaranteed until the final destination, which is why Orobica Pesca issues the warning: the best storage conditions must be preserved until the moment the product is consumed, paying more attention even after the fish is purchased. «It is necessary to pay attention to the storage of products after purchasing them» comments Sirio Fiorese, a veterinary doctor in charge of quality and safety within the company. «Thermal bags and siberini come to our rescue and it is good to use them especially in the summer months to ensure the fish is properly stored. Especially for those fish products that will be consumed raw and for those species (such as tuna, skipjack, mackerel, anchovies and herring) that, as a result of interruptions in the cold chain, can naturally develop histamine, a toxin that could cause allergy-like reactions. This toxin also resists cooking, so it is crucial to store these products properly and consume them quickly».

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