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Ancient craft, modern needs: fishing challenges the future

At "Villaggio Sud Agrifest" (Taurianova (RC) 1 - 3 June) multifunctionality, fishing tourism and ichthyic tourism will be discussed

01, Jun 2023

«Fishing is an important resource for Italy and as Legacoop Agroalimentare we carry out projects to give concrete answers to a sector that has to deal with penalizing European policies. Modern fishing needs knowledge, the ability to read the markets, to be updated on technology and innovation», explains Cristian Maretti, president of Legacoop Agroalimentare. «The fisherman today can not only fish, but he must deal with the issues of sustainability, with the green and digital transition. These aspects are fundamental for the survival of a profession that must adapt to the times».
Cooperation is the leitmotif of "Villaggio Sud Agrifest", the review of agri-food products, sustainability, aggregation and good practices to be held in the Vatoni district of Taurianova (RC), from 1 to 3 June. An initiative to which Legacoop has contributed and made new resources available through the Coopfond mutual fund. Legacoop Agroalimentare will also be present in Taurianova with a stand where, among other things, cooking shows will be held for the promotion and enhancement of local fish resources.
For Maretti «initiatives such as Villaggio Sud Agrifest go in the right direction to promote sustainable fishing. And to enhance supplementary projects, such as fishing tourism, capable of giving economic sustainability to the navy and to show the value, the passion and the charm that lies behind an ancient profession such as that of the fisherman". Therefore, «fishing is a great opportunity for all sea areas. But you need to have the right tools to stay on the market. Starting from the useful and intelligent management of the product which is not all the same. It is a sector that needs to diversify, starting with the aspects related to tourism, hospitality and hospitality», says the president of Legacoop Agroalimentare.
Villaggio Sud Agrifest will give space to meetings, cultural initiatives, political debates to discuss issues related to agriculture, including agri-food cooperation, social work and enterprise and sustainable tourism. An area will be completely dedicated to the exhibition of agricultural, fishing and aquaculture enterprises. And the participation of Legacoop Agroalimentare fits into this context, which organized the round table "Agri-food cooperation" where multifunctionality will also be discussed, including fishing tourism, embarking tourists to carry out fishing activities and experiences, and ittitourism, i.e. hospitality and catering in fishermen's homes, and all those initiatives to make Italian fishing modern.
Villaggio Sud Agrifest, organized at the Op Piagri, is a territorial innovation project in Calabria, which aims to create synergies between the world of agriculture as the first resource of the Region and that of environmental sustainability, technological innovation and of ethical and youth work. It was born from an idea of Leandro Caccamo, a young agricultural entrepreneur and president of the “O.P. Pianagri”, and the young people of the Associazione Risorse, an association engaged in the area to expand and enrich the opportunities for participation and aggregation of young people from Reggio at a political, social and cultural level.

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