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CAMI, the Consorzio Affumicatori Maestri Italiani is born

Agroittica Lombarda, Foodlab, Sicily Food and Starlaks, set up the new Consortium. Clear production rules and transparent procedures.

23, Jan 2024

A new reality appears in the country's fish/wine and food scene: CAMI - Consorzio Fumulatori Maestri Italiani, created to preserve and enhance the production of smoked salmon throughout the Peninsula.
The founders are four protagonists of the processed salmon supply chain: Agroittica of Calvisano (BS) (present on the market with the Fjord brand), Foodlab based in Polesine Zibello (PR) (Fumara brand), Sicily Food of Aragona (AG) (brand Fine & Fish) and Starlaks, from Borgolavezzaro (NO) (Aquafood and Starlaks brands).
The initiative is based on the values that the four companies have in common: respect for the consumer, passion for quality and service, maximum attention to the highest quality standards throughout all the individual production phases.
Today, it is a fact that the offer on the shelves is very wide and the labels of the products on display are often incomplete and misleading. The challenge of the new Consortium is to provide the consumer with all the information necessary to be able to consciously choose the salmon he buys.
It is precisely the constant search for 360° quality that is the common thread that has linked the founders of the Consortium for years.
Agroittica, Foodlab, Sicily Food, Starlaks, are united by scrupulous care in the selection of raw materials, in the transformation and distribution processes of the salmon, as well as in the study for the creation of environmentally friendly packaging. Taken together, the four companies employ more than 500 people, guarantee the processing of more than 10,000 tons of fish per year and have always acted in harmony with their respective local communities.
The common vision behind the Consortium is to promote salmon and other smoked fish specialities, increasingly present on our tables, as healthy, nutritious and quality foods. It's no small thing. Companies capable of guaranteeing quality production represent an important value, both in terms of guarantee for customers and as a development lever for the local realities of reference
CAMI has appointed Gianpaolo Ghilardotti of Foodlab as President and Riccardo Massetti of SQS Network of Coccaglio (Brescia), an expert operator in the sector, who promoted the establishment of the consortium, as vice president.

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