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For an elegant and tasty Christmas, Fish from Greece offers a recipe with fresh Greek fish, almonds and pomegranate

Perfect for the Christmas time

13, Dec 2022

Christmas is approaching and it's time to start thinking about what to bring to the table to make the holidays even more special. The Christmas atmosphere has pervaded squares, streets and houses for the past few weeks, making us rediscover the pleasure of sitting at the table in the company of relatives and friends in the name of joy and good food! And then fastened apron and pan in hand, all ready to gather in the warmth of the kitchen to prepare a second course of fish with flakes, which will amaze the eyes and the palate of the guests.

It is on this occasion that HAPO – Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization, the main promoter of Greek aquaculture and creator of the collective brand Fish from Greece, proposes its elegant and tasty Christmas recipe: sea bream fillet in almond crust with broccoli and pomegranate. A dish with a strong visual impact due to the typically Christmas colors such as the white/gold of the almonds and the tender and tasty flesh of the sea bream, the vermilion red of the pomegranate seeds, always recognized as the fruit of prosperity and a lucky charm of Christmas and, finally, the green of the broccoli which contrasts and frames the other ingredients. A recipe that is not only beautiful to look at and good to taste, but also healthy and light as it is characterized by proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and Omega3 essential fatty acids, of which fresh fish is naturally rich, thus ensuring a diet with a low caloric and full of benefits for the brain and for the whole body. To these important elements are added the beneficial characteristics of the pomegranate fruit, rich in vitamins A and C, mineral salts and antioxidant properties, the concentrate of as many vitamins, fibers and water of broccoli and the abundance of healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamin E , typical of the almond.

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