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Peronospora and blue crab, decree approved

Lollobrigida meets local associations and institutions and proposes the crustacean to the restaurant chain

08, Aug 2023

"We have approved interventions that make it possible to restore the wineries affected by downy mildew and to alleviate the critical issues induced by the proliferation of the blue crab which has arrived from other seas in the Adriatic and partly in the Tyrrhenian Sea, providing for the disposal of the animal and other interventions for to shelter the supply chain in the next few years in strategic terms". This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Francesco Lollobrigida, at the end of the Council of Ministers which concluded yesterday evening.

The approved decree provides for financial incentives for those who are dedicated to catching and disposing of the blue crab, with an allocation of 2.9 million euros (see EFA News). To support the wineries affected by downy mildew, the compensatory interventions of the National Solidarity Fund are allowed to be activated with an initial allocation of 1 million Euros.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the Minister of Agriculture, approved a bill for the establishment of the Master of the Art of Italian Cuisine Award. It is envisaged that the Award will be given annually to those who have distinguished themselves in the field of gastronomy and, with their work, have exalted the prestige of Italian cuisine, contributing to enhancing national excellence. "A bill -underlines Lollobrigida- which I believe is important, to give the artisans who deal with pastry, ice cream, the olive and wine sectors, a title of recognition by the Government with respect to their quality", underlined the Minister Lollobrigida.

Furthermore, with regard to the blue crab emergency, the minister met today at the ministry headquarters with local associations and institutions to precisely define the interventions to be planned. "We transform a criticality into an opportunity -said Minister Lollobrigida-. If there is consumption and trade, there is a supply chain that is activated naturally. Blue crabs are a great resource, based, for example, on a very as interesting as that of the United States and China, which use this animal massively".

"The blue crab -adds the minister-, among its properties, has a strong presence of vitamin B12, extremely precious for the human body. These properties can become a very relevant promotional element".

"In the absence of a predator in our seas, it is necessary for man to take responsibility for intervening - concludes Lollobrigida -. And I believe that fishermen, as good environmentalists as they are, can do it in a timely manner".

Rome, RM, Italy, 08/08/2023 18:06
EFA News - European Food Agency

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