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Bottom trawling, Federagripesca raises its voice

Awaiting forthcoming EU meetings, the federation raises the alarm in Italy

17, May 2023

The fried paranza is at risk. The alarm was triggered again after bottom trawling ended up in the sights of the European Union, bringing with it, in countries like Italy, the many dishes of the Italian gastronomic tradition based on prawns, scampi, red mullet and hake. All species that are caught on their own with the trawling method "frowned upon" by EU leaders.

The proposal of the Commission's Action Plan, in fact, provides for the progressive elimination of bottom fishing in all marine areas subject to protection by 2030: this means, according to Fedagripesca-Confcooperative, "jeopardizing Italian productions that are worth 50% of the fishing economy, but also to increase imports".

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Roma, RM, Italia, 16/05/2023 07:26
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