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Trawling: European Commission wants to stop it

But fishermen's protests shake parliament, which votes against

22, Jan 2024

The European Parliament approved with 402 votes in favour, 95 against and 57 abstentions a resolution criticizing the Commission's desire to ban trawling as insufficient studies have been carried out and it would have a negative economic impact on many coastal regions. Furthermore, according to MEPs, the plan does not insist enough on the need to include reciprocity in international agreements, is not consistent with the other priorities of the European Union and does not take into account the increase in prices as well as the need to strengthen economic growth and employment.

Coldiretti's comment was positive: "After the Coldiretti mobilization in Italian ports, the European Parliament takes action to save the 3000 fishing vessels put at risk by the Commission's desire to ban trawling, the most productive sector of the Italian fleet, paving the way to a real invasion of products from abroad but also by deleting the most well-known dishes from the menus". This is what Coldiretti states in expressing satisfaction with the MEPs' initiative which rejects the action plan presented by the European Commissioner for Fisheries and the Environment Virginijus Sinkevicius with the aim of soon being translated into a directive or regulation binding on the Member States.

The trawling system represents as much as 35% of the national catch in terms of production, operating on average no more than 130 days a year, according to the analysis by Coldiretti Impresapesca. But the new lines also provide for the restriction of fishing areas with cuts of up to 30% of the current ones, with close deadlines in 2024, 2027 and ending in 2030, with a devastating impact on the economy, employment and consumption.

Typical dishes of the national tradition are at risk - underlines Coldiretti Impresapesca - from the broth with deep-sea fishing fish (weever, scorpion fish, squid, dogfish, skate), fried paranza (squid, mullet, hake, sole, prawns), octopus boiled with potatoes, stuffed squid with baked innards and gurnard broth or torpedoes with stracciatella or baked stuffed cuttlefish.

For Coldiretti these "choices which are the result of an environmentalist extremism far from logic and which do not take into account, moreover, what has already been promoted by the European Union itself on the protection of stocks, with the rules for limiting fishing effort in the Mediterranean, in particular for the Adriatic and West-Med, started in 2019 and followed by Italian fishing vessels, which, according to the Commission itself, are beginning to produce positive results on the conservation of fish resources".

A result achieved thanks to the sacrifices of the Italian navies - recalls Coldiretti Impresapesca - which would now be effectively cancelled, while the same rules are not followed by the fishing vessels of non-EU countries bordering the Mediterranean, free in fact to fish even more than before, taking advantage of the restrictions to which national ones are obliged.

Added to the wild imports and EU choices are the combined effects of overheating, climate change and an increasingly suffocating community bureaucracy, with the result - concludes Coldiretti Impresapesca - that in the space of thirty years, 33% of companies have already disappeared and as many as 18,000 jobs, with the fleet reduced to just 12 thousand units.

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Brussels, Belgium, 19/01/2024 18:25
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