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Fishing, Liguria Region allocates 3.8 million to the sector

Gal Fisch Liguria is born: already 2 million available for the Blue Economy

31, Oct 2023

The Liguria Region has given the green light to the candidacy of the Riviere di Liguria Chamber of Commerce for the "Gal Fish Liguria" local action group, approving, at the same time, the requested financial allocation of over 3.8 million Euros until 2027, of of which over 2 million Euros are already available.

The new entity was born, the Region explains, "following the community provisions and the assets of the Feampa 2021-2027 to encourage the growth of a sustainable blue economy both for the environment and for the fishing communities. Through this new Gal - underlines the Department of Agriculture - the Region intends to fully activate local development strategies through bottom-up programming, integrated territorial planning, multi-sectoral integration of interventions and the networking of local partnerships".

"The Gal Fish Liguria - adds the Region - in the objectives already formalized has highlighted the need to increase process innovation, to apply new technologies, studies on climate change and to strengthen monitoring for the preparation of management plans for fishing in the protection of promotional habitats and, at the same time, in the valorisation of the fish product and the work of the fishermen".

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Genoa, GE, Italy, 10/30/2023 2:08 pm
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