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Fisheries. Unci AgroAlimentare: 'Bitter' by new EU regulations

President Gennaro Scognamiglio fears further costs and red tape

19, Oct 2023

“Once again, the European Union penalizes the fishing sector and criminalizes the workers, who with the new regulation on the control of activities, approved in Strasbourg, are treated as potential criminals, or rather worse”. This is how Gennaro Scognamiglio, national president of Unci AgroAlimentare, comments on the legislation approved yesterday in the European Parliament (read EFA News).

“We are very saddened – continues the manager of the sector association of the cooperative world – for the treatment that is now regularly reserved for us in the EU buildings, where prejudice and an absolute lack of respect towards thousands of operators prevail, only in our country, and of many activities, often small in size, which must face and solve various problems every day to move forward. In recent years, considerable efforts have been made to renew, relaunch and adapt the fishing sector to the different needs that arise, investing in sustainability and the protection of ecological balances and marine biodiversity".

"To the numerous limitations imposed by Brussels bureaucrats and by a political class that does not know reality, but is content to discuss the fate of workers and an important and fragile production segment from their comfortable armchairs, reasoning with rigid schemes that respond to easy clichés, new tasks and controls will be added that will make professional fishing more expensive and difficult. With the regulation adopted by majority, no less than 360 pages long, there will be an obligation to install cameras on boats and carry out detailed digital recording of all the fish. Thus workers are increasingly transformed into executors of useless and sterile European procedures. But what is worse, they are humiliated and treated like criminals. Only for fishermen are the rights reserved for all citizens, starting from the presumption of innocence which is valid in the Courts up to the last level of judgement. Sea workers, on the other hand, must be subjected to permanent monitoring, because they are judged guilty regardless. Yet, as usual, the category was open to discussion and did not shy away from the introduction of any new controls on activities, but in simplified, reasonable and non-coercive forms".

“The truth of the matter – concluded Scognamiglio – is that we want to undermine fishing and facilitate other sectors, such as the emerging one of synthetic foods and substitute foods, which are anything but healthy and respectful of the environment, by imposing their consumption from above . While someone waves the fake flag of ecology, he then closes his eyes to the affairs of those who pollute and those who speculate on natural resources, on the coasts and on the seabed”.

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Rome, RM, Italy, 10/18/2023 12:34
EFA News - European Food Agency

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