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Fishing, Veneto: regional fish map and new fishing and aquaculture regulations in force from January

Planning and regulatory instruments standardising amateur fishing, professional fishing and aquaculture activities in all waters of the Veneto Region

03, Jan 2023

The Regional Fish Charter and the new Regional Regulation for fishing and aquaculture enter into force from January, the planning and regulatory tools which, in compliance with the state legislation on the protection of the environment and the ecosystem, standardize at catchment area and homogeneous areas, amateur sport fishing activities, professional fishing activities and aquaculture activities in all waters of the Veneto region. The Regional Council approved the two documents at the end of a complex process.

The Regional Fish Card, provided for by the regional law of 28 April 1998, n. 19, subsequently amended by the regional law 7 August 2018, n. 30, has the objective of ascertaining the consistency of the fish heritage, the productive potential of the waters, the criteria to which the cultivation of the same must comply. It is divided into hydrographic basins within which the homogeneous zones are delimited, also with purposes consistent with the conservation of the fish heritage and of the entire ecosystem. The Charter includes the Freshwater Management Plan of Zone A (salmon-growing area) and Zone B (cyprinid-growing area) and the Freshwater Management Plan of Zone C (brackish area).

To elaborate the planning document, the starting point were extensive and rigorous ichthyological surveys on the state of the populations of freshwater fish species and brackish lagoon waters. In particular, salmonid waters and cyprinid waters were examined in which 62 freshwater species were observed and 27 of these are alien species.
The process then continued with the Strategic Environmental Assessment divided into seven phases, including a phase dedicated to the consultation of public and private stakeholders.

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