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Fishing: Veneto tries to revive a strategic area

Agreement with Province of Rovigo for management of Porto Tolle lagoon waters infested with blue crab

12, Dec 2023

"With this agreement we aim to harmonise the administrative action of the two authorities, the Veneto Region and the Province of Rovigo, alongside the area's economic activities. It is an important goal that is the result of work developed over time and strongly desired by fishermen, with whom we give continuity to a system, and we aim to give legal certainty to the sector, guaranteeing them the possibility to plan and invest in such a peculiar territory". These were the words of the Regional Councillor for Fisheries Cristiano Corazzari, during the signing, at Palazzo Celio, headquarters of the Province of Rovigo, with the President of the Province of Rovigo Enrico Ferrarese, of the agreement between the Veneto Region and the Province of Rovigo on the management of lagoon waters in the Porto Tolle area.

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Venezia, VE, Italia, 11/12/2023 18:24
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