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Fish, growing consumption on Italian tables

Beware, however, of storage in the hot summer months. The advice of Orobica Pesca

07, Aug 2023

The consumption of fresh fish in Italy is growing, reversing last year's trend in purchases. According to Ismea's elaborations on Niq data, in fact, spending for fish products returned to growth in the first quarter of 2023, driven by the fresh product which had been the most penalized in the last season. The fresh category, which accounts for more than 50% of the sector in terms of value, is the only one to record a recovery in volumes with a 1.7% increase which, associated with the increase in prices, increases spending on the 6.7%. The consumption of farmed fish is also growing. This is demonstrated by the data of a recent research carried out by Api (Italian Fish Farmers Association) which recorded an increase in fish consumption in Italians reaching 29 kg per capita in the year 2022, with a fish production of farmed fish alone equal to 53,900 tons .

A per capita consumption that reaches its peak in the summer season due to its nutritional characteristics. And quality and freshness, especially in the warmer months, must be guaranteed up to the final destination, with the warning that the best storage conditions must be preserved until the moment the product is consumed, paying greater attention even after purchase some fish.

“It is necessary to pay attention to the conservation of the products after having purchased them” comments Sirio Fiorese, Veterinary Doctor in charge of quality and safety within the Bergamo company Orobica Pesca. “Thermal bags and ice packs come to our rescue and it is a good idea to use them especially in the summer months to guarantee the right conservation for the fish. In particular for those fish products that will be consumed raw and for those species (such as tuna, small tuna, mackerel, anchovies and herring), which following interruptions in the cold chain can naturally develop histamine, a toxin that could cause reactions similar - allergic after taking them. It is good to remember that this toxin also resists cooking, so it is essential to store these products correctly and consume them quickly".

Orobica Pesca arrives, in the summer days, to mobilize 4,800 Kg of fresh products daily to which are added 3,600 Kg of frozen products, destined for catering and the final consumer, guaranteeing product quality and freshness at every stage of the supply chain thanks to refrigerated cells with computerized thermoregistration, automatic alarm systems and a capillary distribution network with dedicated refrigerated means of transport.

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Bergamo, BG, Italy, 07/08/2023 13:18
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