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Fish increasingly popular with consumers

Unioncamere: 57.1% of Italians say they consume fish products at least once a week

25, Oct 2022

Italians, especially the younger ones, are eating more and more fish. This is highlighted by a study by Unioncamere Puglia, commissioned to AstraRicerche and presented in recent days at the Fiera del Levante in Bari during the Trend Waves event. From the survey conducted on a sample of Italians aged between 18 and 70, it emerges that 57.1% of Italians consume fish at least once a week, especially the younger ones, those between 18 and 24 years old.

According to the study, 23.1% of Italians increased the consumption of fish products: this, the researchers explain, for their role as a key element in a healthy and balanced diet (81.3%), then for the taste (76%) and for the nutritional elements (73.6%). Furthermore, 60% of the sample underlines the fact that fishing in our waters is more sustainable than in those outside the Italian area, appreciated by 44.6% of Italians: according to 71.1%, moreover, it is necessary to respect the correct fishing periods for each species and maximum permitted quantities.

In terms of fish consumption at restaurants, Italians first expect very fresh fish (73.7%), then a superior taste (52.7%) and the guarantee that the raw material is of Italian origin (50.4%) ): only 33.7% choose a fish restaurant for the chef's creativity.

Furthermore, the theme of sustainable consumption in the horeca sector is gaining ground: 65.2% of the sample is in favor of rethought portions or the doggy bag, 61.1% pay attention to reducing waste in kitchens, 62, 4% to sustainable fishing and 59.4% to transparency on the origin of the raw material.

Even in delivery, Italians are open to innovations: the idea of fast and simple formulas for the consumption of fish in organized catering stands out (49%) but the idea of a wider range of deliveries of fish products also gains approval. ready meals (48.5%) and meal kits prepared by high-level chefs with cooking finished at home by the final consumer (40.8%).

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Rome, RM, Italy, 10/24/2022 14:42
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