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Small pelagics: management plan launched in Campania

The project promoted by Unci AgroAlimentare and financed by the Region with EU funds

09, Jan 2024

Identify effective solutions to the crisis that has hit the anchovy and sardine fishing sector in Campania, improving the conditions of fish stocks and protecting operators. This is the main objective of the "Small pelagic management plan" project, promoted by Unci AgroAlimentare, in collaboration with Confcooperative, Agci and Federpesca, financed by the Region, with funds from the European Union's Feamp programme. The results of the work carried out in the field by the sector associations, together with the fishermen and technicians involved in the actions, will be presented during the final event of the project, which will be held in Naples, Monday 15 January, from 10.30 to 13.30 , at the Grand Hotel Oriente, in via Armando Diaz 44, in the presence of the protagonists of the initiatives, the managers of the organizations involved and the top management of Palazzo Santa Lucia.

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Napoli, NA, Italia, 08/01/2024 09:31
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