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Confsal Pesca's 'informed catch' project

An elixir of knowledge on supporting and promoting bluefin tuna: the 'Al fermo informati' sector event held in the Naples area

28, Sep 2023

The Confsal Pesca's "keep informed" project ended with a crowded seminar in Ercolano, Naples. The union of workers in the fishing and agri-food sector, in collaboration with Oceanis, thanks to the program financed by the Masaf three-year national fisheries and aquaculture program 2023, addressed and involved scholars, sector operators and workers, on the issue linked to the advantages and critical issues of the allocation of bluefin tuna quotas to artisanal fishing. The presentation of the day was made by the deputy national secretary of Confsal fishing Flaminia Mariani, moderation entrusted instead to Paolo Pignalosa, commander and founder of Oceanis Srl.

In the first speech, the mayor of Cetara, Fortunato Della Monica, noted how "the historicity and tradition of fishing is related to the work of the territory". Bjorn Callus, director general of fisheries of the Government of Malta, after a general presentation of industrial and artisanal fishing, explained "how necessary it is for the latter to integrate an observation and monitoring program, certainly increasing international collaborations with countries of the Mediterranean.

The Director General of 'Cofrepeche', Jean Pierre Silva, highlighted the importance of the work carried out in partnership and that of regional and national observation programmes, underlining - furthermore - "the importance of monitoring operations combined with transparency of controls" and reiterating the "fundamental collaboration between all member states" and those who work in the fishing sector "from farm operators to fishermen, to observers". For Luigi Pappalardo, scientific coordinator of Oceanis, regarding the collection of scientific data on fishing for future forecasts of fish stocks, "with the observatory program an important contribution is offered to the SCRS, the standing committee on research and statistics and to ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna. It was also underlined , given the significant number of boats involved, the need to increase monitoring given that effective data collection allows us to structure a type of sustainable fishing. For this reason, this need - continued Pappalardo - is closely linked to the need to include figures with important scientific expertise in the final staff of observatories. But it is also essential - he said - to increase safety on board the boats in order to improve fishing activities and to allow observers to have a peaceful stay on board without particular difficulties".

Also speaking was the Commander of the Port Authority of Torre del Greco, Gabriele Cimoli, who focused his speech on sport and recreational fishing. In particular he underlined the ministry's recognition of the self-declarations of amateur fishermen. Cimoli then listed the progressive sanctions faced by those who do not comply with the minimum size regulations.

After the arrival of other important personalities in the world of bluefin tuna fishing, Marco Giachetta of the Tirrento Tuna Association and the President of the PIAM tuna fisheries of Carloforte Giuliano Greco spoke. The first explained the methods of fishing for bluefin tuna with the purse seine system, while the second explained the methods of fishing with the trap or fixed tuna system, underlining the need to have more observers for the type of work being tackled. At the end of the proceedings, after the testimony of Gennaro Scognamiglio of Unci agrolimentare, the president of APERS - Spanish Responsible Recreational Fishing Association, Bernardì Alba, spoke on the methods of collecting biometric data and DNA with scientific institutes.

“The seminars carried out an important reflection on the Masaf decree, which – underlined Bruno Mariani, national secretary of Confsal fishing – establishes the national distribution of catch quotas according to fishing sectors and geographical areas, with the aim of spreading and increase the specialized skills of operators with respect to scientific research and new practices for the protection of bluefin tuna, as a species to be protected, alongside the digital development of innovative systems to support fishing operators". The works, appreciated by the participants, many of whom asked to plan others in order to constantly update themselves, were also possible thanks to the event partners Ebiasp, Opnasp, Mutua Mba, Fondo Sani and Fueb, and were closed late in the evening.

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