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Quore di Tonno, the new product distributed exclusively by Cattel

100% natural, no additives

18, Jul 2023

Quore di tonno, with the Q meaning "Premium Plus Quality" of a yellowfin tuna fillet that meets the highest quality standards: MSC certified sustainable fishing, Ultra Low Temperature, processing in Tuscany, careful selection of the best core pieces, money back guarantee. Tuna quore is a new excellence that the leader in distribution in the horeca segment Cattel SpA will distribute exclusively to allow restaurateurs to delight the palate of customers thanks to the versatility, freshness and unique flavor of this product.

100% natural, without the addition of additives, the tuna is quickly frozen as soon as it is caught, at a temperature of -60°C (ULT), to preserve its organoleptic characteristics and guarantee the highest levels of hygienic-sanitary safety. Worked according to the Japanese Sashimi method, it is suitable for use in the preparation of oriental dishes. The word sashimi means much more than "raw fish": it implies the maximum in terms of freshness, appearance, texture and taste. All aspects guaranteed by strict compliance with the cold chain: the fish arrives alive on board the boats, bled, cleaned and, as anticipated, immediately frozen at -60°C. The whole logistic chain then respects temperatures of -45 °C at the core until the moment of thawing, which also takes place in compliance with the strictest protocols (in a thermo-controlled environment from 0 - +2/+4°C and on PURE-HEALTH™ certified surfaces) to preserve the firmness of the meat and eliminate the proliferation of bacterial loads.

Fished in Korea using purse seines, Quore di tonno is produced exclusively from the best central pieces, with a guaranteed minimum height of 5 cm in all its parts, and is skin, waste and blood free.

The loaves of 2.5-3 kg each, placed in polystyrene trays in a protective atmosphere, are suitable for consumption within 5 days of the production date.

It promises to be a summer with an intense flavor of the sea, with memorable dishes in the name of freshness and lightness.

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