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Liguria Region: 5 mln for the 'Sea and Tourism Economy Plan

The call for new training courses also in the fisheries and aquaculture sector

09, Aug 2023

Green light from the Liguria Region to a new regional tender called "Plan for the economy of the sea and tourism", financed with 5 million euros, under the regional program ESF+ 2021-2027. The resources are committed to Alfa, the regional agency for work, training and accreditation for new training courses from 150 to 800 hours, and for concomitant actions to accompany the world of work for around 500 unemployed or inactive residents in Liguria.

The sectors for which it is possible to offer training courses are:
- mechanics, production, maintenance and plant engineering;
- transport and logistics;
- cultural and entertainment services;
- tourist services and professional figures linked to fishing and aquaculture.

The subjects implementing the call will be: accredited training bodies, accredited work bodies, bodies entitled to identify and evaluate skills. Applications must be submitted to the Liguria Region by 6 October 2023.

“This tender is the result of a collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce system and aims to satisfy the needs of certain strategic job positions for the Ligurian economy -explains the Councilor for Training Marco Scajola-. Once again we train to occupy, or rather we offer specialized courses where there is an effective need for employment required by the territory and by businesses. In a historical moment in which companies are often in difficulty in finding the professional figures useful for their business, we are giving a concrete answer by investing 5 million euros which will be able to actively help around 500 unemployed Ligurians, but also many employers".

“We will deliberately reward training projects with specific hiring commitments and those that will show particular attention to the challenges of the ecological and digital transition - adds Scajola-. Once the courses are completed, additional funds will also be provided to organizations capable of demonstrating that what has been proposed has actually led to new employment contracts".

Genoa, GE, Italy, 08/08/2023 11:51
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