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Liguria region, mussel farming and fishing strategic sectors

Authority responds to controversy over industry crisis in La Spezia area

14, Apr 2023

«To help mussel farming and our entire fishery, there is no need for reminders or proclamations: for the regional department it has always been a relevant and strategic sector». This was stated by the vice president of the Liguria Region with responsibility for fishing, Alessandro Piana, in response to the controversy over the crisis of mussel farmers in La Spezia. That the sector is important, Piana said, «is demonstrated by the aid to shellfish farming in La Spezia about which the state of affairs is being asked in the council and through various press notes: a total of about 1.4 million euros has been made since 2018».

«Just compare this amount with the total allocation, of the entire Liguria region, of Feamp, the European Fund for Maritime Policy, Fisheries and Aquaculture, to see that they absorb more than 13 percent of the total» Piana adds. «In detail, it was aid to individual companies for 330,000 euros, various supports for the entire eligible amount inherent in the creation of sites suitable for off-shore shellfish farming from the municipality of Ameglia for 150,000 euros, technical interventions on docks and embankments for 300,000 euros, and then various actions, with 50 percent financing, for monitoring, purification, mussel storage, machinery from cleaning products to the setting up of isothermal vans».

«All data – the regional councilor continues – that demonstrate a high and constant level of attention, which certainly does not stop here. The problem of gilthead sea bream predation is serious, in fact since 2000 we have initiated and supported at the competent ministry an experimentation on defense devices, which also led to the authorization of professional fishing within the fishponds and breakwaters of La Spezia, which was previously prohibited. Not only that, just last week we activated for aquaculture fishery operators as a result of lost income and additional costs incurred to approved in the junta, Feamp measure 5.68 to provide a financial response to the energy crisis».

«Resources that we are, vigorously, trying to implement, as from the last institutional meeting in Rome» Piana says again. «We cannot give a positive turnaround to the sector with regional resources alone: we are looking for a reshuffling of resources between the state and the region, given the economies available on the Feamp Fund, which could reach more than 4 million, precisely to support a conjuncture like this, unprecedented for fishing».

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Genova, GE, Italia, 12/04/2023

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