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Salsedine, a docufilm collecting stories and testimonies from the fishing world

Riccardo Stopponi's docufilm, produced by Twitter film, was made as part of the PCP - Cultural Heritage of Fishing - project.

16, Nov 2022

Salsedine, the docufilm by Twister Film produced in the context of the inter-territorial cooperation project between Italian FLAGs entitled "Patrimonio Culturale Della Pesca" and promoted by the flags, was presented on Tuesday, November 15 in the Veneto Regional Council Hall (at Palazzo Ferro Fini in Venice): VeGAL, Chioggia Delta Del Po, GAC FVG, Costa dell'Emilia Romagna, Costa di Pescara, Costa Blu, Costa dei Trabocchi, Marche Nord, and Golfo degli Etruschi.
The work has the ultimate goal of supporting and enhancing the world of fishing, holder of a great historical and cultural heritage through the candidacy process as an intangible asset of UNESCO. The way in which the production company, which has been entrusted with the making of the documentary, has decided to support the candidacy is the one that has always best represented it: by telling testimonies and stories of daily life
Salsedine narrates a journey through the six Italian regions involved in the project, tracing stories, traditions and cultures related to the trades of the fishing world.
The narrative is divided into nine chapters, in which the lives of people who have dedicated and who continue to dedicate their lives to the sea are explored, recounting unique and fascinating experiences that excite the viewer by making them experience the different maritime realities with simplicity and richness of detail.
The filming of the film took place in six regions and ten locations: Abruzzo (San Vito Chietino, Pescara, Giulianova), Marche (Senigallia), Emilia-Romagna (Cattolica, Cesenatico), Veneto (Chioggia, Burano), Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Marano Lagunare) and Tuscany (Capraia Island).
Watching this docufilm, passion and a lot of emotion shines through and many typical and characteristic elements of those who live the sea every day also emerge: from the passion for their craft to the sense of community that invests all the witnesses involved, from solidarity to tradition and again to generational turnover highlighting the employment opportunities that the sea offers. Of note is the enhancement of local craftsmanship related to the traditional vessel, but also the great relationship between fishermen and the marine environment in which they live their daily lives and which connotes the uniqueness of the profession they carry out.
It is directed by Riccardo Stopponi, who signed the treatment together with Twister Film's in-house creative hub and screenwriter Lorenzo Trane.
Salsedine will air on major national linear and platform channels, both in Italy and abroad.
The project aims to create a format that will extend to new territories with the purpose of raising public awareness and telling the story of the rich heritage of the fishing world.


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